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Get Your Free LDL-C Test

High LDL-C (bad cholesterol) can put you at risk of a heart attack or stroke, especially if you have cardiovascular disease.

You can learn more about how to get a free LDL-C test below to check your bad cholesterol level and be more informed when talking to your doctor.

Three different options are available to you after signing up: visit a clinic, receive a kit for an at-home test, or have your doctor order a lab test.*

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Testing is provided by MinuteClinic®, Everlywell, Inc and Quest Diagnostics Inc and sponsored by Amgen. Subject to terms and conditions. Amgen is not responsible for the testing provider, methodology, or accuracy of results nor is Amgen providing medical advice or entering into a physician–patient relationship with any participants. This is not intended to be a source of medical advice or treatment and does not replace in any way independent medical advice or judgment regarding diagnosis or treatment.

Why is testing LDL-C so important?

If left unchecked, high LDL-C may lead to serious cardiovascular events-like heart attack or stroke. Despite its dangers, there are no symptoms of high LDL-C. Testing your cholesterol levels is the only way of knowing your levels.

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Get Your Free LDL-C Test

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Terms & Conditions of Testing Programs:

Individuals may use a voucher to redeem a one-time Cholesterol Screening from MinuteClinic®, one-time Cholesterol and Lipids test from Everlywell, Inc, one-time Cholesterol (Lipid) Panel from a participating Quest Diagnostics Inc. laboratory, as the case may be. The vouchers may only be used by the patient to whom it was given, and in the case of the Quest Diagnostics voucher, for whom it is written, and are nontransferable. The vouchers are not available to individuals below the age of 18 years old and are not intended for professionals. Patients, providers, and labs cannot seek reimbursement for this test from any health insurance or any third party, including state and federally funded programs. These programs are not intended to be a source of medical advice or treatment and do not replace in any way independent medical assessment and advice regarding your diagnosis or treatment. Any questions about diagnosis, treatment or healthcare in general should be presented to your doctor. By participating, you agree that you are solely responsible for determining whether the use of this program is right for you, and you agree to release Amgen Inc. and MinuteClinic, Everlywell, Inc. or Quest Diagnostics Inc. from any liability relating to your participation in the program.

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